Partnership awards

What is a Clarendon Partnership award?

Clarendon Partnership awards are fully funded co-named scholarships offered to candidates who have been nominated for a Clarendon Scholarship through the normal process. Partnership awards can be offered by colleges and departments of the University or external organisations. They add prestige to your funding package because you are fully funded by multiple sources, and they may confer other benefits such as high table dining rights (with college partnerships).

Whilst Clarendon Scholarships can be held at any college of the University, the scholarships are frequently partnered with specific colleges. Over half of the 2014/15 Clarendon scholars were selected for a Clarendon-College Scholarship tenable at the college offering the partnership award.

Additionally, we have continuing joint scholarships that will once again be available for 2015/16 in the form of the Fulbright-Oxford Clarendon Scholarship (offered in partnership with the Fulbright Commission) which may offer up to two joint DPhil scholarships to US citizens, and our partnership with the Skye Foundation which supports South African graduate scholarships to candidates of exceptional academic merit. Candidates are first nominated by faculty deans at South African universities and then must be independently selected by both the Clarendon Fund and the Skye Foundation in order to be eligible for a Skye Foundation-Oxford Clarendon Scholarship. The Skye Foundation supports approximately a dozen scholars each year at universities around the world, and has made well over 150 awards to date.

What Partnership awards are available for entry in 2015/16?

A wide range of partnership awards will be available - currently 26 colleges have offered 100 awards covering everything from full living expenses for postgraduate researchers to contributions to fees for one-year Master's students.

How are Clarendon-College Scholarships allocated?

If you are awarded a Clarendon Scholarship, we may move your application to a college offering a Clarendon-College Scholarship, even if this not your preferred college (if you have stated a preference).

There is no separate application process for Clarendon-College Scholarships: all Clarendon scholars-elect are automatically considered, unless you have ticked the box on the application form stating that you do not wish to have your college preference changed to take up a revised funding offer.

Clarendon Partnership awards are allocated as soon as possible after the Clarendon results are published and generally filled by June each year. If you are offered a Clarendon Partnership award, the University's Graduate Admissions and Funding Office (which oversees the Clarendon Scholarships) reserves the right to amend your funding offer letter in the light of these or any other scholarships you may subsequently be awarded.

The overall value of your funding package will not be reduced as a result of any revisions; you are guaranteed funding at least at the level described in your original funding offer letter. Any amendments to your funding offer letter will be communicated to you in a variation letter, which is a brief explanation of any amendments to your original funding offer and acts in conjunction with your original funding offer letter.

Your college preference, or choice not to make a preference on the application form, will not affect your chances of gaining admission to the University, of winning a Clarendon Scholarship, or of being allocated a Clarendon Partnership award.