Scholar Profile : Ayden Jacob

Ayden Jacob

Course: M.Sc.(C) Radiation Biology
College: St Peter's
Nationality: United States
Status: Alum
Scholarship Year: 2012

Academic Interests
I believe that at the heart of concrete medical progress is scientific innovation and courageous imagination. As such, after having completed my undergraduate degree in neuroscience and biology, as well as a neuronuclear medicine research fellowship at the University of Pennsylvania, I will now begin researching the effects of radiation physics in the application of treating brain tumors. In the past, I have focused much of my research on the utilization of various neurological imaging modalities to identify, categorize, diagnose and hopefully heal brain diseases and disorders. These include brain tumors, brain injuries, neurodegenerative diseased, psychiatric illness, and strokes. My Research in Neuroradiology has demonstrated the advantages of using PET/CT imaging to discover significant molecular, metabolic and biochemical abnormalities in a suffering patient's brain matter. At Oxford I will be given the opportunity to research brain disease, specifically cancer, from a well rounded biomedical vantage point which includes neurobiology and neurophysiology, as well as biomedical engineering and radiobiology. This capability, to learn how to incorporate various fields of science to attack cancer at its source, is definitely promising and may help us better understand how to treat and control such a fatal and deadly disease as brain cancer. It is our hope that the collaboration of radiation oncology with neuroscience will broaden the horizons of the scientific community, expanding our comprehension of cancer, and God willing developing a cure for our effected community. Biomedical advances in the fields of molecular genetics, regenerative medicine, biophysics and biomedical engineering converge to contribute to a deeper understanding of the etiologies of a plethora of diseases and disorders, especially in the human brain, and it is surely an exciting time to be a part of the next generation of neuroscientific exploration and medical innovation.

About me
Outside of medicine, I enjoy reading, writing, enjoying family, listening to music, and taking long walks. I particularly enjoy reading texts which discuss the enigmatic implications of quantum mechanics, astrophysics, the genesis of consciousness, philosophy of thought and religion and basic theology. As such, I am currently authoring my first book outlining these realms of thought. I also enjoy reaching out to underdeveloped communities in need of medical assistance. Primarily, I just sincerely believe in the words of Albert Einstein: only a life lived to benefit others is a life worth living. I envision a day when neuropsychiatric mental illness and neurological diseases can be treated and cured, and thereby benefit society in a qualitative manner. That is my motivation, and this is my passion.